Research and Innovation for Security



RisLab is a startup company working on monitoring and control systems, data and video analytics, security and dependability.

RisLab carries out scientific research to support development and commercialization of innovative digital products to protect both business and safety critical infrastructures, goods and people, in a wide sense.


RisLab’s activities are developed by a highly qualified staff, merging people with a long lasting experience in the critical infrastructure monitoring field, engineers, PhDs and academic professors.
RisLab has partnership agreements (non binding) with University of Naples Federico II, IBM and with Security National Consortium, the Italian leader in the physical security field.

Alessia Romano | Giorgio Ventre | Antonio Romano | Davide De Micco

Amministratore unico:
Giuseppe Di Cintio


RisLab was founded in 2016 to implement the open innovation paradigm by merging competences from technicians with specific know-how, with engineers, PhDs, and academics. RisLab has 6 founders, 7 permanent employees (hiring 7 more), and 9 external partners.

The company has a Scientific and Technical Committee supervised by Giorgio Ventre, PhD, full professor, Head of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology Department at the Federico II University of Naples.

The manager of research activities is Flavio Frattini, PhD in Computer Engineering from Federico II University of Naples.

The personnel includes electronic engineers with a long-lasting experience in the security field.

Specialized in security and safety, RisLab offers services (design, implementation, expertise) and products (monitoring systems, PSIM, control panels, safety apps) for monitoring and control in a wide sense (banks, transportation, schools, critical infrastructures).

RisLab customers are owners of transportation systems, buildings (both residential and offices), industries, providers of security services, banks.

RisLab received funds from the Regione Campania (ViPSS project – €500.000), and several awards for its effort in the security field, for the monitoring system, for the innovative products.


RisLab activities are carried out by highly qualified personnel including technicians, engineers, PhDs, and academics.