RisLab research activity aims at the creation of innovative monitoring, security, and protection devices. The company deals with research on the reliability of distributed systems, with a special attention to security monitoring systems, safe and reliable communications, and cyber-physical security.
RisLab also deals with study, requirement analysis, design and development of:

RisLab also deals with study, requirement analysis, design and development of:
– technological solutions and innovative services for the safety of people and assets in a broad sense,
– IT applications and solutions for the management of any type of security device and / or government device,
– technological devices, applications and IT solutions for data processing systems and / or telecommunications.


Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) plays an increasingly fundamental role in the strategic planning of European Union and United States countries.

For this reason, RisLab is committed to the development of innovative solutions for the protection of critical infrastructures, especially for those related to transport.
There is no integrated platform of sensors, cameras and apps for mobile devices.
RisLab introduces an innovative architecture allowing data to be collected, forwarded and processed safely and reliably.


An example of RisLab’s commitment is the ViPSS project, co-financed by the European Union, the Italian State and the Campania Region. ViPSS is an integrated system for monitoring critical infrastructures that allows you to detect emergency situations and provide support in their management.


In this domain, RisLab aims at increasing users and operators’ safety through new technologies and dissuasive procedures for criminal actions, such as Virtual Guards and applications on mobile devices.
Thanks to the collaboration established with RisLab, a clear improvement in safety conditions was possible in all EAV stations and trains – Ente Autonomo Volturno, the largest regional transport company in Italy. In fact, for public transport users, RisLab developed tools such as SaM, a smartphone application, useful for controlling and reacting to criminal episodes, and SIRIO, the dematerialized alarm panel, the perfect tool of risk prevention.


Cyber-physical security represents the convergence between the sectors of physical and IT security, applying a new approach that aims to integrate the two worlds in order to achieve higher security standards.

RisLab works to overcome the safety and reliability limits of the so-called alarm / video control panels, used for critical systems. The use of virtualization of these systems can improve their reliability and simplify their use.

The results of the RisLab research allowed the creation of physical protection systems with an higher predicted elapsed time between inherent failures (Mean Time To Failure – MTTF) and a lower average time required to repair a failed component or device (Mean Time To Repair – MTTR), therefore systems with a significantly improved availability.



RisLab also works in the environmental monitoring sector: surveillance of sensitive areas is carried out by cameras and sensors, as well as drones designed to detect anomalies

The use of drones is particularly useful for monitoring wide, difficult to reach areas (e.g. mountain areas which are not well connected) or areas with damaged sensors, affected by various accidents, caused by atmospheric agents or other events, and require real time data collection.

An investment in the safety and safeguarding of these areas is extremely important for their development, and to combat serious risks, such as environmental crimes, through monitoring.


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