Cyber Physical Security

When thinking at physical security, we cannot regret cyber issues. Physical Systems are now smart, complex, and connected. That exposes them to cyber threats. They are Cyber-Physical Systems subject to specific dependability and security issues.

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Bank Physical Protection System

Thus, Bank protection systems are to be renovated: from branches' design to personnel awareness, from alarm control panels to PSIM systems, from video surveillance to maintenance and cloud and virtualization, new technologies mature enough for being adopted in Critical Infrastructures.

The Symposium

This Symposium will present state-of-the-art and future trends to face cyber-physical issues for bank protection, and re-engineering of physical security, with both experts in the field and end-users.

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The symposium will be held in Naples (Italy) in the new offices of RISLAB - Research and Innovation for Security Lab, a R&D company, technological partner of CNS

Centro Direzionale di Napoli

Isola C2 - 80143 - Napoli (Italy)

  • +39.373.881.54.63